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AcroWiFi is Acrom’s professional WiFi/Wireless LAN service to provide wireless connectivity infrastructure to retailers, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other general public service areas, as well as to corporate buildings including those with distributed branch offices. A wireless network allows your business to provide secure wireless access to the Internet for employees and guests, such as customers or business partners. Retailers, restaurants, hotels and other public-facing businesses can provide this as a unique value-added service. We live in an era of technology and connectivity. With the explosion of mobile devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets, people are more connected than ever. It is, without a doubt, a fact that people expect to be able to connect from everywhere, either to work, or to entertain. Businesses around the world have started offering WiFi connectivity as value-add or per-cost services, in a way to attract and retain customers. This is particularly more important to business verticals where customers are physically present for extended periods of time (e.g. HoReCa, Healthcare, Education, and Retail). In Corporate world, WiFi connectivity has started replacing the wired alternatives as a way to boost productivity by stimulating flexibility and mobility at the work-place. Download AcroWiFi for Healthcare brochure. There are many WiFi solutions that can provide connectivity for mobile users, most of which are consumer grade meant for home use. There are few solutions, however, that are enterprise-grade from the perspective of performance, capacity and security, and able to provide coverage for large applications, such as a university campus. Acrom is providing a WiFi solution as a fully managed service, and has adopted one of the most secure and modern WiFi technologies to date.

AcroWiFi Key Differentiators

  • Enterprise grade security; AcroWiFi’s underlying technology is both PCI (for banking security) & HIPAA compliant (medical security and privacy)
  • Centrally managed; AcroWiFi solution does not use complex management equipment; the entire management of the infrastructure is off-site, combining cloud-technologies and Acrom’s technical team from the head-office in Bucharest, Romania. This will translate into lower operational costs and better reliability with faster issue resolution timings.
  • High performance, high capacity. In high density mobile population settings, typical WiFi solutions exhibit performance degradation, connectivity loss and even denial of service. AcroWiFi solution is different, as it is primarily designed for mediums with high density of mobile population, which can be found in large offices, medical buildings, schools, hotels, etc.
  • Add-on value add features. Features like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Presence Analytics, Marketing Channel, Paid access, Facebook Login, etc, typically require additional infrastructure for significant costs. AcroWiFi solution includes all these features.
  • Fully Managed Service. AcroWiFi can provide full lifecycle service, starting with site survey, deployment, implementation, configuration, and ongoing administration, security audit and configurations, support, reporting, etc. No technical skills required on client side.


Key Features

  • High Capacity WiFi Connectivity
  • High Performance WiFi Connectivity
  • Cloud/Central Management
  • Mesh Routing
  • Enterprise Security
  • Security. PCI Compliance
  • Security. HIPAA Compliance
  • Users Control
  • Applications & Devices Control
  • Guest WiFi
  • Guest Facebook WiFi Login Alternative
  • Splash Screen
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Presence Analytics


Key Benefits

  • Enhanced productivity via improved workplace flexibility in a corporate environment
  • Highest speeds in industry
  • Performs even in very dense mobile environments
  • Lower support costs due to efficient management model
  • Lower installation cost due to reduced wiring requirements
  • Data Security Assurance (Banking & Medical field grade)
  • Control which users can access the network. Set access and bandwidth limits for specific apps.
  • Prevent access to inappropriate web sites
  • Allow guests to have restricted access to WiFi
  • Improve brand awareness via social networks
  • Additional revenue when used as marketing channel
  • Improve staff satisfaction levels by allowing them to use their own mobile devices for work purposes
  • Understand customers behavior and extract relevant business analytics insight to optimize business


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