Penetration Testing Services

Solution Overview

The penetration testing service is designed to enact a full-scale, simulated cyber assault, mimicking the strategies of both external threats and insider risks. This examination targets your organization’s digital defenses, probing the infrastructure, scrutinizing the network perimeter, and delving deep into your entire attack surface. Our goal is to uncover and quantify every potential vulnerability, from surface-level exposures to in-depth flaws that could be exploited by a malicious actor

Client's Benefits

Solution Description

  • External Exposure Assessment – identify domains, subdomains, and exposed services, pinpoint version, and detect vulnerabilities, unearth unexpected attack vectors or overlooked resources;
  • Authentication and Session Testing – evaluate resistance against common or automated credential attacks, session hijacking and fixation, token analysis and validation checks;
  • Input Validation and Processing – manipulate form inputs and test data processing for vulnerabilities;
  • Business Logic Assessment – identify and exploit flaws in business processes;
  • Client-side Testing – interact with client-facing APIs to detect insecure endpoints or data leaks and identify insecurely stored sensitive data on the client-side; check how data is stored, if it’s encrypted, and how it’s accessed;
  • Network and Infrastructure Assessment
  • Role-based Feature Access – navigate features available to different user roles, testing access controls;
  • Configuration review – identify potential weak points in system configurations;
  • Architecture and Data Flow Analysis – assess architectural design for potential weak points, including third-party integrations for supply chain attacks and follow data through processes to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability;