The Self-service ACROM Kiosk

A kiosk is a way to allow customers to place orders and make payments, and thus it is an ideal solution for restaurants, and especially quick service restaurants. The kiosk is also one of the technologies benefiting from a high appeal – 75% of the customers say that, if given the change, they would rather order via a kiosk.

The ACROM kiosk is a solution created and fully developed - in regards of both hardware and software - by our company. Therefore, the ACROM kiosk is fully adapted to the fiscal requirements of Romania, is integrated with other POS solutions, is highly customizable and has a whole set of features that really benefit a restaurant and make the kiosk an investment quickly recovered and profitable.


  • Integration

    It can be fully integrated with any POS system and other equipment (payment devices, printer, scanner, etc.)
  • Advanced Sale Techniques

    Upselling, upgrades, cross-selling: It can turn an order into a menu, it does cross-selling, offers freemium products (free up to a point), etc.
  • Administration

    It can be administered via cloud or by using the local interface. The cloud administration can be done with any authorized device, such as a smart phone
  • Advertising

    It can run advertisements in the stand-by mode
  • Menu

    Menu building, images added by the user, and so on
  • Customization

    The graphic user interface is fully customizable (theme, fonts, background, colors, logo)
  • Multilanguage

    You can add as many languages as you want to the interface
  • Ordering options

    Here (inside the restaurant) or ‘to go’
    Any of the options can be freely activated or deactivated
  • Data updates

    For instance, one can synchronize the kiosk and the cash register
  • Kiosk Messenger

    The kiosk can send alerts to the cash register or other terminals
  • Fiscal reports and operations

    Fiscal procedures required by the Romanian low: add a VAT number, print the tax receipts, day end close, Z and X reports
  • Installation and support

    Installation, on site support, 24/7 phone support

Technical Info

  • Available in 32” and 27” Touch Screen
  • Wall mount or floor mount
  • Customizable design
  • Win10 IoT
  • Operating temperature - 0 - 50 °C
  • Weight ~ 90 Kg
  • Max power – 200W

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