Mission, Vision & Values


The world is constantly changing. The IT industry is changing along. We understand this, and as a consequence we are constantly looking out for the horizon, to understand the main factors that drive the changes, in order to adapt and remain business relevant. We believe this unique ability enables us to have a very compelling and pragmatic value proposition in all that we do.

Our Vision

ACROM’s specialists work together with clients to better understand their needs, to provide them better services and ultimately to become their trusted technology advisor. With an unique ability to combine its extensive professional expertise, highperformance management and an outstanding customer service, ACROM is the perfect partner for managing IT environments.

Our Mission

ACROM’s mission is to become a leading IT integration company that proactively addresses its clients’ business needs in a trustworthy, accountable and economic fashion.

Our Values

Quality. Most companies promise quality services, but few take the necessary steps to deliver it.
Our managers are trained otherwise. We have no share-holders to please, only customers to lose.

Pragmatism. We only deliver services that matter. We craft solutions that can witstand the test of time & value.
We are innovative high-tech geeks, but we understand business pragmatism just as well.

Trust. Recurring business helps us keep prices and stress levels low. This is why we value trust.
But trust is a fragile attribute, and can only be earned through deliverying on expectations set forth, every time. No run-arounds, no blame tactics.

Partnership. We believe in mutual success – as a law of good, sustainable business, that we abide to. Gaining trust is just a natural mid-step.
We always look for technologies that enable our business partners to do more, for less, to make you more competitive, and us, more valuable.

Flexibility. Every business is different. We understand that.
Consequently, we welcome tailoring our solutions and services to the specific business needs.

Growth. Our people like growing. Their knowledge is what makes us valuable.
We foster an environment in which growth is achieved by professional-training as well as via a mutually supporting and team-oriented environment.

Simplicity. We go to great extents to make IT&C Services easy to understand and consume.
We drive business focus on the real value of IT&C, and not on the business-of-IT.