Security Monitoring (IPS/IDS)

IT Security

Service Overview

The Security Monitoring service ensures that all the industry standards and regulatory-compliant security monitoring infrastructure is put in place and operates to ensure that the corporate network is well protected against external cyber-attacks, internal compromising faults, in order to protect the company informational assets and credibility.

An intelligent process running either as a network based appliance or as a host based application examines network traffic / activity and compares against predefined signatures / base lined traffic patterns / stateful protocol communication phases

Operational mode can be set up for passive / proactive – policy violation can initiate alarms / notifications OR – proactive corrective actions, blocking offensive network activity

Clients’ Benefits

  • Protected against the loss of credibility, brand image and business
  • Reduce risks of business disruption and data loss, corruption and leaks as a result of malicious external or internal cyber-attacks
  • Protect internal environment from external attacks
  • Prevent the business critical network equipment from being compromised by external AND internal threats
  • Network Attack Alerting System
  • Optimize network infrastructure utilization by preventing / alerting about offensive use and limiting real time impact of offensive activities
  • Prevent / alert about uncompliant network activities initiated from within the internal corporate environment, potentially targeting external destination, and so consolidating the security posture and protecting the public image of the organization
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Ensure that the network architecture and configurations are in full compliance with local and country regulatory security requirements
  • Prevent Intellectual Property violations executed by using the corporate network and avoid legal liabilities that might, again, compromise the organization


Service Features

  • Perform an overall analysis of the existing communication infrastructure
  • Assess the requirements and identify proper design characteristics of the IDS/IPS solution
  • Sensor integration into local infrastructure, initial baselining of production / live traffic, implement appropriate traffic policies
  • Define incident response model
  • Ongoing server maintenance / upgrades, etc.
  • Network activity monitoring / analysis, recommendations


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