Firewall Management

firewall management

Service Overview

The firewall equipment is installed within the customer’s premises and integrated into the local network / infrastructure, according to the design plan agreed in advance.

Traffic is being constantly analyzed / filtered, according to the access policy that has been previously agreed upon. Real time alerts are being raised when defined events occur and notifications are being initiated – depending on the level of severity

Traffic activity and related data are periodically reviewed and reports are being generated

Clients’ Benefits

  • secure computing environment, protected both from outside and inside threats
  • prompt, detailed and accurate visibility into the organization’s security posture
  • integration with other security components – intrusion prevention, VPN, content filtering
  • benefit from the most up to date security industry best practice information
  • real time / periodic access policy violation alert / reports
  • periodic review of the access policy and proactive improvement initiatives
  • redundancy (optional)
  • no need for in-house highly qualified, high cost technical staff


Service Features

  • assistance / consultancy in identifying customer specific requirements and selecting the correct design / products
  • on site equipment installation and configuration
  • post installation configuration management
  • post implementation solution maintenance: CPU/memory utilization, OS/security updates, configuration backup, bug patches / software updates
  • installation, hardware maintenance
  • monitoring / alerting: access policy violation events
  • reporting: periodic review and analysis of historical data


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