User Access Mgmt. / Active Directory

Active Directory

Service Overview

This service enables an efficient and secure way to manage, store and organize information about computer network’s users and network resources. It also enables network administrators to manage users’ access to the resources.

The service is based on Active Directory Services – a Microsoft technology for enterprise-class user access management. You can outsource the Active Directory Services to us for a professional directory management service.

Clients’ Benefits

  • Peace of mind security
  • It is said that the security system is as weak as its weakest link. Active Directory requires an advanced understanding to be used properly and provide the security the business may be aiming for. ACROM has certified specialists for most secure Active Directory Service experience
  • Centralized management of security and access for users and computers through a single management infrastructure
  • Better security through managed security policies and a centralized administration
  • Simplified access, without lengthy account information
  • Easy access for the users to multiple applications and access to computers across entire organization based on Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Ease in managing user access and rights over information and IT systems
  • Fail safe infrastructure for security settings



  • Active Directory Services design / deployment
  • Active Directory management and monitoring
  • Group Policy implementation/ management
  • DNS configuration


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