Server Management

server management

Server Management Service Overview

Server Management is a service that includes the hardware, software, and ongoing upkeep of a customer owned server, in customer premises or other hosting location. The servers could be physical or virtual. We offer the service for HP, DELL, IBM and other vendors on Microsoft and Unix like.

ACROM will maintain the operating system on the machine, including initial installation, all interim security patching involved, major upgrades and monitoring.

Client Benefits

  • Cost Transparency
  • Better customer focus on core business and reliable management of the servers through specialized IT experts.
  • Offloading customer IT staff from server management tasks offer great value through increased cost efficiency.
  • Increased platforms security and reliability by constant OS updates and patches: managed servers include patching and updating of critical software.
  • Improved execution of the capacity planning process through resource monitoring (i.e. RAM, CPU).
  • Increased service uptime by early detection of possible issues through resource availability monitoring: managed server services include specific application monitoring tools – various web services, messaging-SMTP, file transfer-FTP etc. This enable proactive respons from our support personnel and minimize downtime.


Service Features

  • Initial system deployment, including HW provisioning
  • Advanced configurations
  • Application Deployment
  • Database Management
  • OS and data Backup Services
  • Operating System Updates
  • Software Updates
  • Critical server components monitoring
  • Security scans and Audits
  • Monitoring Anti-spam and virus protection
  • Phone, remote and on-site based support
  • Advanced Technical Support


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