Managed VPN Services


Managed VPN Services Overview

Network Managed VPN is a service for user’s security need and especially satisfying the need of sending encrypted data over a network.

Service Benefits of Managed VPN

  • Secure Sharing of company data
  • Enhanced data and voice security
  • Better performance in accessing the company resources (QoS)
  • Optimize the cost per user for accessing company IT resources
  • Remote access and control of IT resources. Directly connect local business applications to head office database servers. Ideal for e-mail or SQL databases
  • Gain secure access to internal Intranet web sites and applications or web cams
  • Online anonymity of users
  • Unblock preferred websites & bypass filters
  • Dynamic IP addresses allocation


Service Features

  • Secure Network Audit
  • Managed VoIP Solution
  • Failover option for high availability
  • Monitoring tool
  • Internet access control
  • Managed VPN Solution provided by Cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM
  • Multi-User Remote Access To Office Computers
  • Connect To Office Databases
  • Browse Internal Web Content
  • No Hardware To Buy Or Software To Configure
  • Solution Design
  • Access Control – ACL (access-list)
  • Prioritization – QoS (Quality of Service)

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