Quick Service Restaurants

Service Overview

ACROM specializes in providing 24×7 IT Services and Support to business with distributed territorial presence (e.g. restaurant, retail & hospital chains, corporations with distributed branch offices, logistics and distribution centers, etc). The support and administration is performed both remotelly and on-premise, as the situation may demand for. Acrom is fully staffed to provide complete on-premise coverage in the Romanian territory.

Client’s Benefits

  • proper functioning of the IT & C infrastructure, with equipment availability over 99 %
  • implementation of new solutions and equipment is done without downtime or affecting the normal operation of restaurants
  • Critical incidents are solved within a maximum of 12 hours in any location nationwide
  • our client receives detailed monthly reports on which he can optimize new investments in equipment and IT
  • Support activity costs are easy to budget and optimize as they are based on fixed monthly fees which reflect the number of devices and the number of incidents per site


Service Features

  • New site IT Infrastructure and Equipment installations
  • Project Management
  • 24×7 Service and Support
  • Remote & On-Premise Service & Support
  • New Technology testing and deployment
  • Hardware & Software Lifecycle Management
  • Hardware Recycling
  • Data File Management
  • Network infrastructure administration & support
  • Change Management
  • Monthly service reports


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