Public WiFi / HotSpot System (Global QSR Client)

Success Story
Global QSR Client in Romania

Public WiFi / HotSpot Solution


Customer Background

The client is the largest and best-known fast food restaurant chain in the world and operates more than 30,000 restaurants in 121 countries. In Romania the company owns 62 restaurants out of which 26 in Bucharest, the remaining 36 restaurants operating in the rest of the country.

Customer Requirements

Starting from the idea of having free Internet access for customers in the restaurants, the client wanted a wireless equipment management solution that has the following characteristics:

  • Internet access to be available after creating an account by providing significant information and authenticating on the server
  • Control over users creation
  • Blocking / allowing certain users
  • Blocking access to certain Internet sites
  • Real-time monitoring of users connected to the Internet from restaurants


The chosen solution

To meet the client requirements we have selected from the market the FirstSpot software. FirstSpot solution includes a rich set of features including:

  • A graphical interface for creating users in order to allow secure access to the network
  • A real-time management of connected users
  • Blocking/allowing access to certain (groups of) users
  • Allowing a maximum of 20,000 users who can connect to the Internet simultaneously
  • Ability to create a backup of the users who have logged into the system at a time
  • Simple process of licensing



Over time, the FirstSpot proposed and implemented solution distinguished itself by ease of use and being one of the few available in the market that can fulfill all the client requirements, out of which the most important are security and real-time user management.