CDS solution deployment | BISTRO Dorobanti

Bistro Dorobanti

Customer requirements

Bistro Dorobanti appealed ACROM in order to implement a solution that would enable them to display remote real-time information about promotions, products and any other messages, with the possibility to preview and display on a digital signage layout. Our client was extremely concerned that the administration interface be predictable and easy to use, mainly due to the increased dynamics of change in content they wanted to display.

ACROM Solution

ACROM solution consisted in delivering the Content Distribution System platform as a service, which allows distribution of digital content over the Internet on any type of display, regardless of vendor and their geographical position. The interface behind the application allows the client to keep restaurant visitors constantly informed, while ensuring that through our solution all the information regarding current promotions and price lists have a flawless accuracy. The solution is composed of Android clients (HDMI sticks) connected to plasmas in locations and through WiFi connection they can communicate with the cloud platform, where the content can be uploaded.

Due to its ease of use, Bistro Dorobanti decided to manage the platform and its content internally.


  • Digital Signage Solution – as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Diverse display types: HD TVs, Tablets
  • Diverse digital content types: static (images), dynamic (wmv, avi, mpg, webm, mp4 videos up to 512M), RSS feeds
  • Calendar/Scheduled content
  • Automatic Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner pricelist
  • Centralized Content Management



  • Excellent communication channel with the customers
  • Highly adaptability to locations with high dynamic products / inventory
  • Ability to display / integrate with other applications / platforms
  • Support for a large number of file types (video, audio, webpage, etc.)
  • High scalability and applicability in HoReCa field



Diana Stanga, Owner
Implementing the CDS solution, digitization of communication in our restaurant but especially the partnership with ACROM[read more]