Software Asset Management (SAM)

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Software piracy was and continues to be a common problem in Romania, both in corporate and consumer environment. In the attempt to remedy this problem, Business Software Alliance (, in partnership with the Romanian Police have launched in recent years active campaigns of information, prevention and severe punishment.

The General Inspectorate of Romanian Police and BSA | The Software Alliance announced on 09/23/2014 they would continue to apply the Cooperation Protocol for preventing and combating software piracy by launching a new campaign “Develop your business safe! Use licensed software! “. Thus, within the campaign, 30,000 SMEs will be informed of the risks of using unlicensed software.

According to BSA, “Software piracy is the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of software protected by copyright. Piracy means copying, downloading, sharing, selling or installing copies on your own computer or the one used at work. What many people do not realize is that when buying software, they actually purchase the license to use it, not the software itself. This license is the one that informs you how many times you can install the software; therefore it is important to read it. To make more copies of the software than the license permits means piracy. ”

In order to avoid the consequences of an audit that could reveal unlicensed software that is used (including those installed by employees without the company permission), a complete internal audit is recommended, followed by the removal of all software components that do not have a license.

ACROM Services

ACROM can help your company, providing both auditing and consultancy services for SAM (Software Asset Management).

Software Asset Management Services (SAM) are designed to help companies optimize their costs by analyzing actual software usage, and prevent penalties and damage of company’s image due to the use of unlicensed software.

Clients’ Benefits

Using auditing or consulting services in the field of Software Asset Management, customers will have the following benefits:

  • full report of licenses in the company
  • mitigating risks, taking necessary measures based on information in the report
  • costs reduction, by analyzing license usage

Service Features and Functionalities

ACROM provides the following facilities:

  • complete report regarding the actual situation
  • short time of analysis
  • advice and consultancy on licensing
  • possibility of contracting a recurring analysis service regarding licenses in the company, for permanent protection


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