Office 365 Overview

Office 365

How Office 365 Can Help Your Business?

Access from
Everywhere, Anytime

A user can access his/company's documents, and Office Document Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) through up to 10 devices, including mobile, tablets, PCs, MACs, etc.

Operational Costs

Office 365 brings an opportunity to shift capital investments (CAPEX) to operational investments (OPEX), giving you a predictable operational cost that is easier to manage and budget for.


Office 365 tools are designed in a manner you will always run the latest version, transparently. All the security, bug-fixes and new features will be available to you, always, without any effort from you or your team.

Improve Collaboration & Communication

With HD Audio/Video Conferencing through Lync Online, Private Social Applications through Yammer, Team Collaboration through SharePoint, and online storage through OneDrive, your company will benefit from improved productivity and flexibility.

How ACROM can help you

ACROM is a Microsoft Certified Partner and offers professional migration services to Office 365.
We adopt a simple 3-step process:


We know you care about your investments and the amount you spent.

We'll work with you through the various Office 365 options and plans, to make sure we understand what is essential for you and that you get only what you need at the appropriate cost


Migrating from older platforms, especially the email, calendar and contacts components, can be tricky and risky for an unexperienced. You want the benefits, but the concerns over the migration may stop you. You are in the right place, though.

Our Microsoft certified professionals have been specifically trained, have performed such migrations before, and have the proper tools and expertise to do it properly. We'll carefully plan the migration process to ensure a smooth and safe migration, that minimizes business impact.


Once migrated, you want to get most of the investment.

We'll offer post migration training and support for your staff, to make sure the key new features are well understood and the new workflows becomes second nature for the organization

Why choose us?

  • We are Certified Microsoft Professionals
  • Our migration techniques ensure safety of your data
  • We'll plan the migration carefully to minimize impact to your daily business
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Our Business Development team is ready to talk to you about ACROM's IT outsourcing services and the way they fit your needs. It's that easy!