AcroCDS (Content Distribution System)

content distribution system


Acrom offers a comprehensive solution for Digital Content Distribution – a versatile Digital Signage that can be used for a variety of content and intent.

AcroCDS (Digital Content Distribution System) enables controlling the digital content on a set of displays (LCD TVs, Tablets, etc) from a remote, centralized location. The digital content may consist of static or dynamic advertisement pages, video-advertisement, informational pages, price-list, currency exchange rates, flight tables, etc.

Content Distribution System can be successfully used by a wide range of industries:

  • Advertisement Industry (displays static or animated pages)
  • Hotel services (room rates, room previews, special offers)
  • Fast Food Restaurant Services (price list, product list, special promotions)
  • Healthcare (guidance and special services)
  • Retail industry (special promotions and sales)
  • Schools and Universities (class programs, etc)
  • Banking (display currency exchange rates)
  • etc.


Key Features

  • Digital Signage Solution – as-a-Service
  • Fully Managed Service, with HelpDesk & Support
  • Diverse display types: TVs, Tablets, Phones, PCs
  • Diverse content types: static (images), dynamic (wmv, avi, mpg, webm, mp4 videos up to 512M), websites, Flash, PowerPoint, RSS feeds
  • Dynamic Price List (facilitates price-list administration from console, without the need of artwork regeneration)
  • Calendar/Scheduled content
  • Automatic Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner pricelist
  • Centralized Management


Key Benefits

  • Platform ready to go in 1-2 weeks
  • Platform initial training
  • Software-as-a-Service Model
  • (ACROM will administer infrastructure & users)
  • Flexible 8×5, 8×7 or 24×7 support models
  • Customer HelpDesk
  • Cost effective service options
  • Allows control of digital content on large scale distributed locations (e.g. hotels, fast food restaurants, gas stations, banks, etc)
  • Works with any HDMI enabled LCD or Plasma TVs, or modern tablets (Android, iOS)


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