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IT integration

Service Overview

Enterprise applications need to exchange information periodically. For this, certain data is exported from one application, transported and imported to another application on periodic basis. This behavior is common and is typically referred to as an enterprise application integration (EAI) step. Because the repetitive behavior, this data movement is automated. In industry, this automation layer is provided by a middleware software which carries this function. EAI, in effect, enables corporations to build its application portfolio from a disparate, heterogeneous, multi-vendor sources, and yet present itself as one big enterprise application to the business.

ACROM® has developed a cost-effective Enterprise Application Integration middleware application that offers the core features of a modern EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) platform, at a fraction of the price: EAI DataStation®.

Clients’ Benefits

  • Lower Cost
  • EAI DataStation is built in-house, and supports Microsoft Message Queuing and WebSphere Message Queuing messaging technologies. This lowered the development and support cost significantly.
  • Reliability of data delivery
  • Once configured, the synchronization of data files between enterprise applications will take place automatically
  • Delivery Guarantees of data (even in the presence of network disruptions)
  • Scheduled, Automated or Ad-Hoc Transfers
  • Fully managed service
  • This middleware can be offered as a fully managed service, where we take care of all the configurations per client’s requirements
  • Integrated, end-to-end, 24×7 management and support


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