IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

ACROM IT Outsourcing model targets customers who value the focus on core business competency.

ACROM offers IT Outsourcing services, through which clients can give ACROM the control and responsibility for their IT infrastructure, assets, procedures and many other technology-related aspects. Thus, ACROM becomes an outsourced IT department, in charge with daily IT infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, change and incident management, security and consulting services in order to ensure that the clients get maximum efficiency and value out of their existing IT infrastructure.

Benefits for the client:

  • Cost reduction and transparency, due to selective IT Outsourcing services
  • Predictable and scalable cost structure
  • Wider IT services available to the internal users
  • Tailored SLA for specific company needs, adapted to the various user groups and business needs
  • Experienced, certified technical staffing
  • Focus on core business, and not on the business of IT

With over 10 years experience in IT Outsourcing, ACROM can manage the entire IT processes in a company, enabling its clients to concentrate more on streamlining their businesses and less on their technical issues. From technology design to building, and on to deployment, ACROM’s specialists have the expertise to guarantee optimum results with minimum business risks and maximum client satisfaction. ACROM understands that its clients’ IT technologies need to support today’s requirements, but must also be flexible enough to meet tomorrow’s business challenges.

You already know what you need?

Customized IT Outsourcing

ACROM can take over a wide range of IT functions, including, but not limited to, network maintenance and services, server/compute services, laptops & mobile devices and other IT equipment support and maintenance, emailing function, infrastructure, etc. Also, ACROM can offer full IT Outsourcing, meaning that we can take full responsibility of a company’s IT function.

Success stories

Nation-Wide QSR Store Chain IT Support

Nation-Wide QSR Store Chain IT Support

Considering the industry-specific activity and the diversity of equipment fleet owned, our customer requires IT support via hotline 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and on-site country-wide interventions involving hardware and software troubleshooting or for new solutions deployment. read more

Public WiFi / HotSpot System

Public WiFi / HotSpot Solution

Starting from the idea of having free Internet access for customers in the restaurants, the client wanted a wireless equipment management solution that has the following characteristics: read more

European Restaurant Technology Deployment

European Restaurant Technology Deployment

The project was unique due to its complexity, proportions and the geographical spread of its scope, spanning multiple markets with different cultural backgrounds. Thoroughly planned to meet tight implementation deadlines, it required coordination with more than 30 local market’s IT teams across Europe, for which multiple on-site visits and work-sessions were necessary. read more

EAI Solution & On-Going Support

EAI Solution & On-Going Support

The European market of our client had always faced with the problem of data source diversity and increased complexity due to the ways it had been sent to business intelligence applications, sales, supply chain, etc. used at the corporate level and hosted outside Europe.

Given the size of the project and that all communications infrastructure was outsourced to other companies, the chosen EAI platform was supposed to be very flexible and tolerant to changes: read more

Electronic Messaging System

Electronic Messaging System

The existing email solution based on freeware software lacked support from developers, which often lead to long periods of downtime whenever a problem occurred.

The client needed a solution to eliminate the shortcomings of the existing one: read more

Business Data Disaster Recovery

Business Data Disaster Recovery

A sudden and unexpected hardware failure affected the core business data storage units..

Acrom has been quickly recommended by an existing customer as the appropriate company to have this severe matter resolved, and consequently it has requested immediate on-site support for data recovery and business restoration. read more

Professional wireless network | LeasePlan Romania

Professional wireless network

Our customer wanted to implement a wireless managed solutions for its headquarter, with high level of coverage and security in all the office space. LeasePlan also requested that the “Guest” traffic type be separated from the internal environment. read more

CDS solution deployment | BISTRO Dorobanti

CDS solution deployment

Bistro Dorobanti appealed ACROM in order to implement a solution that would enable them to display remote real-time information about promotions, products and any other messages, with the possibility to preview and display on a digital signage layout. Our client was extremely concerned that the administration interface be predictable and easy to use, mainly due to the increased dynamics of change in content they wanted to display. read more

Hardware infrastructure upgrade | Italian Institute of Culture

Hardware infrastructure upgrade

The Italian Institute of Culture intended to have some changeover and important upgrade of the IT architecture, both in terms of IT infrastructure, security and licensing. read more

Professional WiFi solution | MENATWORK

Professional WiFi solution

Our customer requested a professional wireless solution for its headquarter and showroom, with two essential functions: to offer its clients a professional and safe connection, but also the secured access to the company resources for the employees. read more

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