Nation-Wide QSR Store Chain IT Support

Success Story
Global QSR Client in Romania

Customer Description

Our client is the largest and best-known quick service restaurant chain in the world and operates more than 30,000 restaurants in 121 countries. In Romania the company owns more than 60 restaurants, distributed throughout Romanian territory.

IT & C equipment fleet consists of hundreds of POS/Cash Registers with Fiscal Printers and backend computers with special functions. Restaurants transmit operational data to headquarters through an integrated communications solution. Also in most restaurants there is access to free wireless Internet Hotspots.

Customer Requirements

Considering the industry-specific activity and the diversity of equipment fleet owned, our customer requires IT support via hotline 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and on-site country-wide interventions involving hardware and software troubleshooting or for new solutions deployment.


During implementation we have encountered various problems, only to mention a few:

  • equipment diversity
  • implementation / installation of new equipment and solutions
  • proprietary software
  • extensive geographical spread of sites
  • short response time to any type of requests


Solution Overview

To meet customer needs and to respond to the above challenges we have implemented the following solutions:

  • a team of dedicated technicians, well trained to work in shifts so they are able to give help desk support 24 hours per day, 365 days a year
  • service procedures defined
  • remote access to the POS level in order to reduce the response time to requests
  • stock of spare parts for all types of equipment used by the client
  • well planned logistics so we can cover any site in defined time frames nationwide
  • incidents reporting and management system
  • testing facilities where new solutions and equipment are tested prior to implementation in restaurants


Key customer benefits are:

Critical incidents are solved within a maximum of 12 hours in any location nationwide

  • proper functioning of the IT & C infrastructure, with equipment availability over 99 %
  • implementation of new solutions and equipment is done without downtime or affecting the normal operation of restaurants
  • our client receives detailed monthly reports on which he can optimize new investments in equipment and IT
  • support activity costs are easy to budget and optimize as they are based on fixed monthly fees which reflect the number of devices and the number of incidents per site