October, 14th - Who are you?

Who are you? What is your business? These are two questions we were frequently asked by the crowd of visitors who curiously stopped in front of a booth that apparently did not fit the event. That was exactly our intention: to be different, to make you curious, to make ourselves known. And we succeeded!

The answers to these two questions naturally define our story, ACROM team’s story, the team trusted by the largest international chain of restaurants and no 1 world vendor of restaurant solutions and technologies. That’s a big deal, right?

Yes, that was what the people who drank a coffee with us thought, interested to understand what propelled us in the top ranking companies providing IT services and technologies, not only in the Romanian market, but also internationally. Briefly, work very well done!

There were times when the density of visitors in our booth competed with the appetizing cupcakes of our neighbors, because beyond the atmosphere and hospitality, the people were captivated by the innovative solutions we exposed. We must remember the performances during which we smashed into the floor the latest generation equipment or we watered them thoroughly, while the visitors were watching shocked. So unwise! :)

As we expected, we had some requests for wine or hurried visitors who could not “go” beyond the idea of the bar counter, where our message has reached only partially. We assume it, perfection does not exist!

It was more than motivating to be suddenly congratulated for the booth concept, when you had no idea what to answer, especially when you were told the appreciation came from specialists. Behind the scenes: the booth was 100% designed by us, ACROM team and then our reliable partners, whom we wish to thank again, helped us put the concept in practice.

Altogether, we proved again that we are good at what we do and we are a really valuable team. Let us prove this to you!

October, 7th

Good morning! I&M World began today. As we agreed, we are set at booth B15 and wait for your visit, with a good coffee.

October, 1st

Have you decided, are you coming to I&M World? Visit our booth, we’ll wait for you with a coffee and a nice discussion on IT topics.

We still have some invitations. The procedure is the same: fill in the form on the right and we’ll send you the invitation.

September, 30th

We posted on the event platform a short article about the technologies we bring in premiere in Romania. As we were telling you, besides our ITO solutions, we are now launching a great challenge to HORECA field.

We are eager to get feedback and talk to people. Only a few days left. Until then, you can read the article here.

September, 28th

We are in the midst of preparations for Internet & Mobile World, the last days. Everything must be perfect.

IT Outsourcing is our strength, but IT challenges us constantly and we respond accordingly. This year we come up with innovative solutions also from IT sector, in an unconventional setting and atmosphere.

We hope you will give us the chance to surprise you in a pleasant way. And for that, we have a surprise: 25 free invitations, valid for 2 persons. Do you want an invitation? Nothing simpler – fill in the form and we will send you one! We will honor your requests in order of arrival.

Visit us at Internet&Mobile World, on October 7-8 at Romexpo and be prepared for a revolutionary vision.

Don’t forget about the invitations!