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Belt printer

The Orderman belt print is the ultimate solution – small, light and rugged. It provides maximum reliability, up to 1,500 bills printed on a single battery.

The belt printer ensures communication with guests is not interrupted. The waiter can conveniently print bills and credit card receipts directly at guest tables. Guests benefit from continuous service and shorter wait times, while the owners benefit of increased guest satisfaction, better table turnover and, best of all, more profit!

Optional accesories

  • Charging station
  • 4-unit charging station
  • Replacement battery

Product Highlights

  • High printing speed of up to 90 mm/sec
  • Long battery life for printing of up to 10 receipt rolls
  • Logo and label printing function
  • Splash and dust resistant
  • Robust, shock-proof housing (drop test 1.5 m)
  • Operating temperature of -15 to +50 °C
Download Orderman Belt Printer Brochure

You already know what you need?

The radio ordering system

Orderman - the first radio ordering system specifically developed for the hospitality industry -has revolutionized the market. A radio ordering system is most effective where used to divide tasks between sales and service personnel. In practice, the sales persons can stay with the guests, placing orders, keeping a firm grip on their field of responsibility at all times. They are supported by runners, who bring the orders to the guests and clear the tables after they leave, generating more revenue.

Why radio ordering system?

  • Businesses of all sizes can use radio ordering system.
  • More time: less wasted effort, no crowding around a terminal - and more time to take orders, generate sales and help customers.
  • More turnover: Time savings mean that waiters serve more people, and pay more attention to guests.
  • More customer satisfaction: Orders are served faster, there's no waiting for the bill and guests simply enjoy excellent service.
  • More savings through greater efficiency: all orders are registered with precision, and a clearly itemized bill appears at the touch of a button. No payment errors are made.

Care & Care Gold Guarantee

Orderman’s warranty covers any repair for NCR Orderman POS terminal, regardless of the defect (including the power supply unit). With the two warranty offerings of Care and Care Gold, you enjoy a no-hassle warranty. Guaranteed.

Care Guarantee
The Care Program includes the most extensive warranty and service package in the industry and it is automatically included in the purchase price of the POS terminal. In case the unit is dropped, we not only replace the defective parts but give the entire terminal a general technical and visual overhaul. This comprehensive 2-year warranty can be extended to up to six years upon request.

Care Gold Guarantee
The Care Gold package offers an even more extensive "no hassle" guarantee: an additional fast advance-replacement service for the entire POS terminal. This means no waiting for the repaired POS terminal but the ability to immediately continue working on a replacement terminal.

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